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Physical Therapy and Endometriosis

Did you know physical therapy can help manage symptoms of endometriosis? Read on to learn how a PRORehab physical therapist can help.

PRORehab Denim for a Cause - Mighty Oakes

On the first Friday of every month, employees of PRORehab are probably wearing “Denim for a Cause” stickers along with their favorite dungarees. In February, money from that day, assisted the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation, a charity born and grown right here in our community.

PRORehab and Athletic Trainers

This month we're celebrating the work of our Athletic Trainers. PRORehab Athletic Trainers are committed to keeping athletes safe.

ACL Reconstruction and Return to Sport: Is Strength Testing Enough?

ACL Reconstruction and Return to Sport: Is Strength Testing Enough? Dartfish is changing the way we look at return to play.

Now Serving Dartfish in Chesterfield Valley

Dartfish video motion technology in Chesterfield Valley allows PRORehab therapists to help patients looking to maximize functional improvements and performance in a shorter amount of time.

What's This in My Palm?

What's this in my hand? All about Dupuytren's Contracture and the types of treatment available for it today, including Hand Therapy and custom orthotics.


Do you run to a beat? There are many benefits to increasing your cadence while running. One of the most important is preventing injuries. Check out this blog to learn more.

Sacroiliac Pain

If you've ever had pain in the lowest part of your back (buttock pain), the sacroiliac joint could be the culprit. Our latest blog talks about the anatomy of the SI joint and treatments to get you pain free.

My Back Goes Out

Does your back “go out” on occasion? If you're wondering what is happening when this occurs, read on to learn more.

The Long Ride

Heading out for a weekend trip? Here are some tips for avoiding a stiff, painful lower back after a long ride in the car.