Endurance Center

8228 Brentwood Industrial Drive
Brentwood , MO, 63144

Phone: 314-2-RACE-ON (272-2366)
Fax: 314-781-3448

Our specialty services include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Dartfish Video Analysis
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    Endurance Center

    The newly renovated Brentwood Endurance Center is home to the PRORehab Endurance Project which caters to endurance athletes - runners, cyclists and triathletes. Julie Bokermann, Physical Therapist and Endurance Athlete and her team will provide thorough and cutting edge analysis and treatment of your injuries. Need a running analysis? Dartfish Video Analysis will be available and incorporated into your treatment. Have a chronic nagging injury? Certified providers in ASTYM will care for you.

    Analyze. Energize. RACE ON.

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