Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a set of medically researched procedures designed to identify the worker's abilities, define limitations, and determine validity of effort. Performed by a licensed therapist, this evaluation is heavily utilized by physicians, insurance claims representatives, and case mangers as the standard in facilitating case closure. PRORehab provides the finest in substantive evaluation data at the lowest cost in the St. Louis market.

Features of the PRORehab FCE:

  • Assessments feature the BTE ER System at all of PRORehab's Industrial Rehabilitation clinics.
  • Concise, reader-friendly reports available within 24 hours. Reports provide information the referral source can understand and use.
  • Facilitates action; assists in determining stoppage of over-utilized courses of therapy and assists physician in determining MMI.
  • FCE's are provided by professionals with forensic experience.
  • Identifies consistency and quality of effort through a battery of medically researched validity tests.
  • PRORehab will not recommend treatment options or restrictions unless requested to do so.
  • A typical FCE lasts 3-4 hours. Full day and multiple day FCE's are available upon request.

Components of the PRORehab FCE:

  • Computerized Range of Motion Tests
  • Endurance and standardized strength testing
  • EPIC lift test when indicated
  • F.R.O.M. Positional Tolerance Testing
  • Job simulation tasks as appropriate
  • Material handling; lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling
  • Non-material handling; sitting, standing, walking, climbing, bending, reaching, squatting, kneeling, crawling, and any other non-weighted task as appropriate
  • Pain/Perceived disability screening
  • Specialized upper and lower extremity strength and validity tests

FCE's are available at many PRORehab locations. For more information on Function Capacity Evaluaions or any other of the Industrial Rehabilitation Services, contact PRORehab at (314) 821-9126.


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